Web Design

We are web designers, because web design leads to websites — a company’s most valuable communication tool. More than 80 percent of the time it is the first place people are introduced to a brand. That first impression has the power to either convert them into loyal customers, or send them away in search of something better.

Our philosophy is that great web design only happens when the sum of its parts adds up to something greater than a “good looking” website. It involves bringing together strategy, art, and content in a way that advances the brand of the company and, most importantly, drives results.

In other words, for a website to be effective, it can’t just be good; it needs to be right. Not only does it need to be engaging, it needs to engage the right people. Not only does it need to showcase content, it needs to showcase content carrying the right message. We know the difference, and our work shows that.

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is a full-service creative agency, so web design is just one of many tools we can use to build your brand, improve your sales and achieve your objectives. For a comprehensive list of what we offer, please visit our services page.

If you are interested in considering us for your next web design project — or for any additional advertising, branding, design, or marketing needs — we’d love to hear from you through the form below.

We're a full-service creative agency in Kansas City that helps businesses achieve their objectives through strategic advertising, branding, design and marketing.


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