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We were recently interviewed by a reporter with KCFREEPRESS.com who was interested in sitting down with a few new businesses in Kansas City and exploring the somewhat counter intuitive theory that a recession is a good time to start a business.  Since Johnny Lightning Strikes Again was born during this economic downturn, we were uniquely qualified and happy to offer our opinion.

Read the article and see the video here: http://www.kcfreepress.com/news/2010/jan/05/new-businesses/

As can be the case when lengthy interviews are shortened to a few edited quotes, one comment in particular was taken out of context.  In an effort to clarify, the implication that we essentially ran our former firm is off-base — in our full answer, we were trying to communicate the scope of our involvement in the inner workings, and that our experience covered the full scope of roles required to operate a web & graphic design firm.