Creativity, even when based in sound business strategy, can be subjective.  For this reason, every time a business engages us to design something that will visually capture their brand and message, there is an element of trust involved; we take this trust very, very seriously.  We relish the opportunity because it makes days like today even better, when we can send another happy client on their way with a visual solution in place that we’re positive will do great things for their business.

Today’s portfolio addition is Health Care Consultants of Kansas City, a brand new business with a brand new website and a brand new business card.

Health Care Consultants of Kansas City Web Design & Development - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

Health Care Consultants of Kansas City, or HCCKC, reviews medical records for lawyers to determine if their clients have a case worth pursuing. We were brought in to help attract business by designing a memorable website and business card that spoke to their strengths in the industry.  As always, the project included both creative and strategic effort, as we worked to strike the right balance between personality and professionalism.

Stay tuned for a post in the upcoming days that dives deeper into the creative process involved in taking this from a blank page to complete piece!