Website Technical Factors - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

I started this post thinking I would do a quick dump of the technical considerations that go into excellently designed and positioned websites. A lot of people want their website to have specific functionality, be built on specific technology, and be optimised in specific ways; however, a lot of people have no flipping clue what they want, let alone need. The article I imagined I’d be writing would be for the latter group, a sort of primer on the technical decisions that would need to be made. However, I knew I was in trouble when my basic article outline was over a thousand words on various considerations.

There’s the classic Full-Flash Or HTML Or Mix Of Both consideration. There’s the almost-as-common Do I Need A Content Management System Or Not? consideration. And there’s the increasingly common Should My Website Be Usable On An iPhone? consideration. Rather than publishing a magnum opus of expertise as a single post a year from now, I’ve decided to use my swollen outline as a roadmap of topics I’m going to address over the coming weeks.

And no, I don’t want to give a table-of-contents of what I’ll be covering; I reserve the right to pick-and-choose to spare you some of the more boring or obvious topics that might appear cool and interesting in outline form. Nobody wants to read about some of the more boring things, let alone write about them. Hey, don’t look at me like that – I’ve got client websites to be working on!

Coming soon, Website Technical Factors: Or, Give Me The Low-Down On This “Flash” Thingy That Steve Jobs Apparently Hates So Much