TE Woods Homes - Billboard Design - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

Sometimes people wonder what we at Johnny Lightning Strikes Again like to do with our free time, assuming that when we’re not thrilling ultra-satisfied clients with groundbreaking design work (sales pitch!), we all have super interesting hobbies.  Not true!  Truth be told, we’ve been spending all our free time as of late taking road trips on I-70 out of Kansas City to cheer out the window at the billboard we just designed for a great client of ours, T.E. Woods Homes.  We’re always proud of our work, but we’ve never before seen it so BIG and so on the side of the road.  We decided to forego today’s road trip, however, to tell you all about the work.

T.E. Woods Homes is a builder of new home communities in the Kansas City area and has been recognized as one of the top home builders in the nation. They engaged us to help get the word out, which has so far resulted in the design and execution of two direct mail campaigns and the aforementioned billboard design.  The billboard was designed to market a new community at the Stone Canyon golf course, which was recently named one of the Top 10 New Courses by Golf Magazine.  The two direct mail campaigns were designed to target renters in the area surrounding two more communities, both of which have homes for sale that people can afford for roughly the same amount they are paying to rent.  After going down a few different paths, we chose to grab their attention by asking if they would consider renting their dog, toothbrush, or underwear – in other words, don’t rent what you should own.

TE Woods Homes - Billboard Design 2 - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

TE Woods Homes - Billboard Design 3 - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again