Jamie Kosoy wrote a great article that puts the HTML5 vs Flash “conflict” into perspective wonderfully:

Pretend you were that student of mine, and pretend you started school 4 years ago. It’s your senior year now. In your freshman year, Twitter had just started. Facebook was approaching its first birthday – everyone was on MySpace. There was no whiff of a rumor of an iPhone. The mobile revolution was a pipe dream. Multi touch and gestural navigation wasn’t even a remote possibility.

He explains how it isn’t simply a matter of how viable either of the technologies are, it is a matter of the attitude with which you approach the entire digital ecosystem.

It’s gotten easier and it’s gotten harder simultaneously. There is only one way to maintain in that landscape, and that is to keep an open mind.

And the best part is these attitudes are important to everyone – client, designer, and developer alike.

Flash vs. HTML5