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Fetch Website Design, Development, and Branding - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

One of the most important questions we answer for our clients is how creative services can be leveraged to achieve their objectives. They know what an agency does, but they want to know what an agency can do for them. Since a lot of creative is subjective, we often find ourselves talking about intangible benefits — customer loyalty, emotional connection, and trust. Intangible benefits aren’t the whole story, however. Creative services, especially web and application development, can also provide a business with functional tools that make life easier.

Fetch Website Design, Development, and Branding Detail - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

To dumb it down, sometimes we make stuff that communicates stuff and sometimes we make stuff that does stuff. Sometimes, we do both.

Fetch is one of those times where we did both — a functional web application that we branded, designed, and built from the ground up. Its purpose is to facilitate the ordering and reordering of print materials, but it does much more than that. It makes things easier. It keeps things organized. It saves time. For those of you who’ve ever been frustrated by a piece of software, you know that this isn’t guaranteed. A web application will only be successful if it is the culmination of careful planning, intelligent user experience design, and flawless web development. We’re proud to say that Fetch was just that.

Fetch Website Design, Development, and Branding Detail 2 - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again