Thoughts on Retail & Privacy - David Cecil - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

David Cecil, Johnny Lightning Strikes Again co-owner and director of strategy, was interviewed by Fox 4 News in Kansas City last week and asked to share his thoughts on retail stores using new technology to ‘spy’ on their customers by tracking their movements in their stores.

The point David makes is that while the technology is new, the technique certainly is not. Walk in to any store with a sales staff and you can bet someone has their eye on you to see what you’re looking at and what you might be interested in purchasing. The fact that cameras could be used to do what people have been doing for years is interesting, but probably doesn’t rise to the point of being a violation of privacy.

That said, everything feels like a violation of privacy when companies aren’t open about what information they’re gathering and how they’re using it, which is something we advise our clients all the time.

Check out the story at Fox4KC.com and let us know what you think!