Meet Account Manager Jace Kaleikau

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A new member joined our crew recently! And by recently, we mean March. And by new member, we mean our new account manager, Jace Kaleikau. Isn’t it about time you met the guy? We think so!

Jace Kaleikau (pronounced Kuh-LAY-Cow) graduated in May 2018 from the University of Central Missouri (UCM) with a bachelor’s in marketing, minor in digital media production, and a slew of track and field awards. In his brief time here, he has already beaten the top pinball score TWICE and, perhaps more importantly, has become a key part of ensuring our clients are happy and projects are successful.

We made him answer some questions because that’s what we make new people do around here. Read them and get to know Jace below!

So, we’ve heard we were like your dream job. Go on?

Ha! Honestly, one would think a dream job would need to pass a bunch of tests—not for me. I look at it as just being around people that are genuinely kind and willing to invest their energy and time in me; that’s what JLSA does best. Bonus points for the pinball, beer on tap, and kick-butt office location.

You threw hammer in college. Is that what Thor did on the Rainbow Bridge that one time?

Um, basically the same thing, minus the thundering good looks and the imminent threat to the nine realms. But yeah, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to walk on my freshman year at UCM and the rest is history! Thor might be God of Thunder, but can he say he’s a two-time All-American? Didn’t think so, Thor!

What has stood out during your brief time at JLSA so far?

The first thing that stood out like a bright neon sign was the team’s chemistry. They have this well-oiled-machine-like bond that is rare to find, and it’s easy to tell that, besides me, everyone has been here at least five years. Seriously, everyone knows exactly how the person next to them operates. There’s just this infectious attitude here that helps me grow as a person, professional, God of Thunder, etc. (ha!)

What are your hopes for your role at JLSA as you continue to settle in?

I want to beat out David for the title of “Most Beautiful Email Crafter.” I love having the responsibility of being the client’s go-to person to get things through to the team, and I want to grow and expand those skills. But also, I want to dive a little deeper in the creative and strategy steps so I can not only provide more value internally but also understand each client’s needs to a greater degree.